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Confused? Overwhelmed? Our expert advice will help ease the tech talk and get you caught up!


Modern, eye catching, beautiful designs that are guaranteed to attract current and potential clients for years to come.


Creating the code behind our beautiful website designs, or your industry leading app!

Social Media

With professional content writers and deep analytical statistics, social media management can help you go viral.


A powerful content management system (CMS) for clients who want their business presented with excellence, quick updates and unlimited potential. With well over 20,000 plugins, that can help your business grow to the next level, a WordPress website is the perfect solution for a modern business.

CJM Web Consulting provides excellent quality, fully responsive, custom or themed WordPress Websites. Which can be updated without knowledge of HTML coding enabling you to update your website at your convenience, anytime anywhere. With extensive knowledge of WordPress and its development process, CJM Web Consulting can deliver fully customized modules and functionality to fulfill all your business requirements.

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Social Media

It is about your presence, if you want people to talk about your business online it starts here. Potential customers are collectively sending millions of Tweets, spending hours scrolling through Facebook, and searching an uncountable amount of information on Google.

Social media puts you directly in front of your customer base: engaging, advertising, and growing your business daily. Building an online relationship with your customers will cultivate interaction across the web, which if used correctly, can play a vital role in building your brand and growing your business. CJM Web Consulting, a local social media consulting company, will not only guide you but teach you the proper way to build a targeted online audience, who will increase brand recognition, revenue, and customer relations.

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Recent Work

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About us

CJM Web Consulting can do it all! From designing to developing websites and mobile apps. Let's not forget about local online marketing along with social media management.

Expertise in a forever changing industry is difficult, but we vow to keep up with modern trends and the constant change of the internet. By offering free consulting to our first time clients, we take the time to develop a long lasting relationship to help build your brand. No more confusing terminology, we will make sure you understand everything we do. It is our belief that you own what we develop for you, and we stand by everything we create for life!

Our Commitment

Free consulting for first time clients, we love hearing from new people. At CJM Web Consulting we do not believe in giving you a product that you do not like, we will get it right.

We take pride in everything we do and we stand by it. Whether it be a new website, logo, or an app our, end goal is a happy customer who takes pride in their new product. By managing social media accounts we will provide an analysis showing our progress and how we are reaching new potential customers. No more paying and praying that the company posting on your behalf is doing all they can to drive in new customers and build your brand.

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